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Changing Bad Habits

We're all working longer, with most people spending a large portion of their day staring at a computer screen - be that in the office, at home or the move. Whilst we now can't do without our computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones in our lives, we can do something about the bad working habits associated with them that are causing so many health problems.
Meet Mike

Mike, 56, is a Business Consultant...
As a freelancer, Mike often hot-desks at the organisation he is working for. Like the vast majority of people who use a computer regularly he's been suffering from back
pain due to poor posture.
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Meet Tom

Tom, 33, is a Marketing Manager...Flexible working arrangements allow Tom to work from home on assignments when he needs to. This can be a big help but he has
noticed increasing pain in his wrists when using his
laptop at home.
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Meet Emma

Emma, 28, is an Area Manager...
Emma spends a lot of time on the road and works in many locations. She relies heavily on technology, however over the years she's picked up some really bad habits when using such devices and is now constantly complaining about tension in her neck.
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Meet Leah

Leah, 24, is an Administration Executive...
Working in a busy office Leah has to be organised, but her desk is not laid out very logically for her day-to-day requirements. This is causing her stress as she struggles to keep it tidy and can misplace important items.
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