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It's time to get your business working well
Bad working habits are bad for business. And as 90% of all company costs are people costs, it is essential you look after your greatest asset – your employees. Three in four employers say an unhealthy workforce is a business risk and agree that a healthy workforce is a more productive one, yet three in ten employees claim that when it comes to wellbeing their company is all talk but no action*. 48% of employees acknowledge they would be more productive if they felt healthier, suggesting that workplace health is a win-win for employers and employees*. With half the world’s population in employment, helping people to be healthier at work has the potential to transform the world’s health.
* Bupa international study of workplace health - November 2014

Think your staff are healthy and productive? Think again!
Our research shows that, over the last three years 80% of people have suffered from an ailment associated with the way they are working, resulting in 20% of them taking time off work*. In fact, European businesses are now losing around €42bn a year to staff absenteeism* – most of it linked to bad working habits when using computers, laptops and tablets. Only 35% of sufferers have told their boss about their discomfort and pain at work, while 62% have suffered in silence*.
* Dynamic Markets Research 2013

Dont break the law. Get your employees working well

You have a legal obligation to ensure that your employees are working safely and comfortably, whatever their location. Over 17million employed Europeans work from home (and the figure is growing every year!)* and yet 75% of European businesses are unaware they have a legal requirement to ensure their employees are working healthily outside the office**. It's the employer's legal obligation (EU Directive 90/270/EEC) to implement a workstation risk assessment when employing new people and for existing employees when their working environment changes (such as a change of position, job tasks, new desk or computer). To ensure you are looking after your employees and abiding by the law, please arrange for them all to undertake this Working Well Assessment (a fully recognised workstation risk assessment in accordance with the EU Directive), or contact us for a personal Working Well assessment.

* Eurostat 2013
** Arkenford Research 2014

A Working Well Assessment will help you and your team to identify the most effective ways to relieve current problems - as well as giving sound advice on how to prevent common injuries occurring in the first place. Take 5 minutes to improve the way you and your team work.
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Free Resources for your business
To help you promote the importance of ergonomics in your workplace and get your employees working well, visit our Downloads area for FREE resources to share with everyone who works in your organisation.
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