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Home Working

Home Worker

25% of European workers mainly work from home.
Dynamic Markets Research 2012

Improve the home working environment with an inspiring range of smart looking ergonomic solutions – including the new I-Spire™ Series, boasting both comfort and style for the home office. Where space is at a premium and flexibility is key, Fellowes range of ergonomic products not only look good but perform superbly for working around the home and in the home office environment.
"Over the years I've picked up some really bad habits working on a computer and I was beginning to feel the strain. Not only was I in a lot of pain but it also made me very depressed. By just changing my working position and using a laptop riser I've relieved so much of the discomfort."

Do you have a home office? These products will help you ...
I-Spire Keyboard I-Spire Series ™
Keyboard Wrist Rocker
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I-Spire Wrist I-Spire Series ™
Wrist Rocker
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I-Spire Tablet I-Spire Series ™
Tablet Lift
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I-Spire Series Document I-Spire Series ™
Document Lift
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I-Spire Monitor Lift I-Spire Series ™
Monitor Lift
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I-Spire Monitor I-Spire Series ™
Laptop Lift
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