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Increasing flexibility around working needn't risk reducing workers comfort, health and wellbeing. True flexible working shouldn't fall short of fitting around the individual and compromise realising maximum potential and productivity. The location and environment of the modern workplace may be ever-changing but the individual is constant - and the perfect workstation, wherever it may be, should still be designed to fit around them…

Below you can discover how to bypass the bad working habits at the root of worker pain and discomfort - and see just how easy it is to start working well. You'll find advice on the best desk layout and the healthiest posture, with ergonomic solutions for varying work environments and for all of the 4 key worker zones to address. Hover over the hotspots on Emma's photograph on the right for more information on each of the 4-zones.

"I firmly believe that prevention is always better than cure. So as soon as I started to feel niggly pains when using my computer or laptop, I checked out the 4 zones to see what I needed to do to stay healthy and prevent possible serious problems at a later date."


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Ergonomic Solutions for wherever you work
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