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Personal Desking

Personal Desk

Unbelievable, but true: 85% of European organisations report use of make-shift ergonomic solutions
Arkenford Research 2014

Like the vast majority of people today, Leah spends over 7 hours a day working at a computer. It's therefore essential to have a desk layout that meets her specific needs to ensure she's comfortable, productive and healthy. A complete workstation solution from Fellowes is designed for employers who know that healthier employees will come to work, perform at their best and go the extra mile.
"Since changing my working habits and adding a few ergonomic desk accessories, I feel so much more comfortable and I'm far better organised.."

Do you work at a fixed location? These products will help you ...
Palm Support Health-V ™ Fabrik
Gliding Palm Support
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Wrist Rocker Silicone Wrist Rocker
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Workstation Professional Series ™
Flat Panel Workstation
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Machine Organiser Machine Organiser
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Foot Control Professional Series ™
Climate Control
Foot Support
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Back Support Professional Series ™
Mesh Back Support
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